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26 January Punjabi Speech 2021

26 January Punjabi speech 2021. On this website, you will get the 72nd Republic Day speech in the Punjabi language. If you are searching for a 26 January Punjabi speech then you are on the right website. On this website, you will also get the PDF of this speech. Therefore if you are a student or teacher this article is very helpful for you. Punjabi language one of the most popular languages in India. It is widely speaking in the region of Punjab and Chandigarh. It is also an official language of Punjab. The Punjabi language is used in every schools & college in Punjab. On Republic Day students also give speeches in the Punjabi language in their schools and colleges.

As we all know that we celebrate Republic Day annually on 26 January since 1950 all over in India. This year we all are going to celebrate the 72nd Republic Day of India. This day is special for every Indian because on this day 26 January in 1950 Indian constitution came into effect. From that day India becomes fully a democratic republic nation. The celebration of this day starts all over in India when the Indian President unfurls the Indian flag from the Raj Path in New Delhi. He also addresses our Nation and also gives a speech on the Republic Day of India.


In also Punjab everyone celebrates 26 January and hoist the Indian national flag with great joy and Enthusiasm. Republic Day programs and events are organized In many schools colleges and institutions all over India. In Punjab & Chandigarh, also many students participate in Republic Day cultural programs in their Schools, colleges, and institutions. Many students of Punjab also give speeches in their own Punjabi language on the occasion of Republic Day. Everyone celebrate 26 January with great joy and happiness.

Republic Day Speech In Punjabi

Here below you will get the long 26 January speech in the Punjabi language. This speech is available in three pages and the pages are of high-quality. If you are a student or teacher then this speech is very useful for you. However, this speech is only for those who know the Punjabi language. If you want to understand this speech clearly then read the whole speech.


26 January Punjabi Speech PDF

26 January Punjabi Speech is also available in PDF format. You will get this PDF from the below link easily. You can also open & save this PDF on your devices. This PDF contains all the pages of Republic Day Punjabi Speech 2021. This PDF is very helpful for every student who knows the Punjabi language.

SPEECH26 January / Republic Day Of India
PDF LINK26-January-Speech-In-Punjabi-2021-PDF

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